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I used the content I wrote on the home page as the small blurbs in Production, Song Writing, Recording & Engineering, and Artist Development. I still recommend alternative content if youre able to write it.

Review links

Review content


Review links

Review content


This is a beast of a page to optimize - its 90% - i'll finish the rest when we add content. Looking for a short blurb for the header that communicates working with clients. I used the last piece you wrote around the site in small pieces. 


I need you to help me pull this together - I think its ok the way it is, but we dont have a good representation of the studio and how Kurt fits in. We may not need it based on the fact that we have an appointment booking feature now - you decide.


This will only work if you have content to add on a regular basis - I can hide it from view for now if you would like to hold off on featuring it on the site.

Book an Appointment.

This feature needs other services and prices added to make it work on the site. If you provide content i'll continue to add it and bring it together.

*The full features of this function will not be available for you to review until we purchase this site and the booking widget.

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